About Our Customized Solutions

RICH AT MCM_slider-image1Established in 2001, Pharmacy Consulting International initially operated under the name of American Pharmacotherapy. PCI partners with clients to provide a comprehensive suite of pharmacy consulting services. The name change to PCI from American Pharmacotherapy reflects our global expansion and client base throughout the world. We are a private, independent firm of highly skilled and experienced pharmacy professionals. We believe that your success is paramount to our core belief and translates into our success.

PCI Philosophy

PCI’s philosophy is to treat each client engagement as unique. A tailored resolution must reflect the collaborative process between the client and PCI, and must also address the specific needs of the client; taking into account institutional, regional and local factors to provide innovative solutions for the issues being addressed.

Our Mission

PCI’s mission is to provide innovative and customized solutions to the challenges encountered by clients in their efforts to provide high-quality, cost-effective care to their patients.

The Team’s Experience

PCI’s highly skilled professionals pride themselves in providing experienced–based, customized, and innovation solutions that effectively address our client needs. PCI views themselves as partners with our clients. We have experience working with all sizes and configurations of hospitals, medical centers and healthcare systems throughout the world.