Controlled Substances Management

Controlled substances management, reconciliation and monitoring controls to detect fraud, abuse and diversion are critically important in health care. The opioid crisis has created increased attention and scrutiny by state, federal and professional regulatory agencies. Violations found by these groups have resulted in significant fines, criminal prosecutions and sanctions being levied against health care organizations.

PCI has extensive experience in conducting audits, gap analyses, mock inspections and in evaluating current practices to identify vulnerabilities.  PCI can rapidly identify and provide professional guidance for rectifying any potential issue regarding controlled substance management, distribution, utilization, and diversion prevention.

PCI will assess controlled substances management processes, including:

  • Review policies and procedures
  • Evaluate controlled substance inventory management systems
  • Support diversion investigations
  • Recommend tools and processes to detect and prevent future diversion
  • Develop corrective action plans in response to regulatory or legal findings
  • Provide expert support for controlled substances litigation

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