Legal and Litigation Support

Pharmacy Consulting International (PCI) has extensive experience providing expert knowledge and comprehensive litigation support and services for clients and their legal counsel. Services include:

Generation of expert reports on pharmacy standard of practice and pertinent industry topics

  • Controlled substance diversion prevention and pharmacists’ corresponding responsibility
  • Appropriate drug therapy guidelines
  • Product pricing, purchasing and reimbursement issues
  • Pharmacy dispensing and operational standards of practice
  • Prior authorization standards
  • PBM billing and claims adjudication processes
  • Drug adverse events, interactions and toxicity issues

Auditing and data analysis to support legal positions

  • Controlled substance prescriptions
  • Prior authorization case data
  • PBM claims data
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data

Preparing the legal team

  • Understanding the therapeutic effects of drugs and practice standards
  • Argument development, scenario possibilities, rebuttal commentary, and cross-examination questioning
  • Evaluation of medical literature, practice standards, clinical documentation, billing data, medical and pharmacy records, opposing expert witness positions/reports and expert witness testimony, depositions and testimony at trial
  • Expert witness identification

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Legal and Litigation Support

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