Pharmacy Strategy for Integrated Delivery Networks

The Pharmacy Consulting International (PCI) team has decades of experience working with leading Integrated Delivery Network’s (IDN) to centralize organizational structures, service offerings, and Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee operations, functions and processes.  An overarching centralized pharmacy strategy is a keystone component of cost-effective and safe drug use within an organization. As hospitals continue to integrate, the coordination of drug formulary and policy decisions, product standardization and clinical use guidelines is imperative.  PCI partners with individual hospitals and multi-hospital delivery networks to establish policies and procedures that support standardization while allowing for the unique and diverse needs of each client’s organization.

PCI routinely assists integrated delivery networks with issues related to:

  • Overall strategy including organizational structure
  • P&T committee strategy
  • System pharmacy integration
  • Distribution and practice models
  • Consolidated service centers 
  • Cost allocation
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Value based purchasing and contract management

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