Specialty, Retail and Ambulatory Pharmacy Programs

The shift of healthcare to the ambulatory setting has resulted in the need to align health-system pharmacy as a revenue center, not only a cost center.  Specialty Pharmacy is the fastest growing segment within the pharmaceutical market.  Health systems are well positioned to develop their own Specialty Pharmacies as they have integrated health records, specialty providers, and established patient relationships.  Pharmacy Consulting International (PCI) continues to be at the forefront of developing and implementing Ambulatory Pharmacy Programs including Specialty and Retail Pharmacies.

Ambulatory Pharmacy services provided to PCI clients include:

  • Conducting ambulatory pharmacy feasibility assessments
  • Specialty pharmacy opportunity assessments
  • Ambulatory pharmacy business plan development
  • Facility design and technology selection
  • Merger and acquisition viability assessments
  • Retail store opening support
  • Meds-to-beds programs
  • Employee prescription benefit strategy development
  • Ambulatory clinical programs development to support risk and value-based reimbursement models
  • Readmission risk reduction strategy development